Air Conditioning - Heating
"Setting The Highest Standard In Air Conditioning"

When replacing your home's air conditioning and heating system, selecting the right contractor is actually more important than selecting the brand of equipment.  For many homeowners, purchasing a new system is not something they have done recently or at all.  While we are all exposed constantly to retail advertising, the homeowner needs to be aware that air conditioning is contracting and requires installation by skilled, knowledgeable professionals.


A/C Consultants provides top quality installations by following all manufacturer's guidelines and performing all of the necessary steps that ensure trouble-free operation.


While many of the "warehouse" or "discount" companies are just replacing the equipment, A/C Consultants is striving to ensure that your new high efficiency system will achieve it's rated efficiency.  Many older systems seem to work fine with improperly sized duct systems and/or refrigerant lines.  But, when a new high efficiency system is installed, these become major factors in the system's operation.  While the older, less efficient system may have tolerated these deficiencies, the new system may experience higher operating costs and shortened compressor life. 


Having A/C Consultants install your new system is your best assurance that you will be getting what you're paying for.